When you sell on CardRocket, shipping is included in the price of the cards. Buyers do not have to pay extra for shipping. Keep this in mind when pricing your cards!

It is your responsibility to get the cards to your buyers in a timely manner. You should be shipping your orders within 2 days of them being placed (we'll start bugging you if we notice that you aren't shipping on time) and received by buyers within 7 days of the order being placed. You get paid when the buyer receives your cards, so remember: the faster you ship the faster you get paid!

For more expensive orders, it's highly recommended that you utilize some kind of tracking for shipping. If orders get "lost in the mail", buyers will be refunded in almost all cases.

Where you are responsible to ship to

Currently CardRocket supports both buyers and sellers in the USA and Canada. If a user buys from you and they live in a different country, you are still responsible to ship the order to them. If you've never shipped internationally before, it's easy! For basic mailings from the USA, you can just affix a global forever stamp to the envelope. You can pick these up at your local post office.

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