You've sold something? Great! Here's what you should do next.

Packing Slip & Messaging

You'll find the packing slip for the order on your Sold Transactions tab in your dashboard, along with a way to message your buyer:

Print the packing slip out and include it in the envelope with the cards. It will help the buyer confirm what they bought and it has information for the buyer on what to do when they receive their cards.

Package The Order

Carefully package the cards that are in the order. You should be using top loaders or something similar that will provide rigidity in transit. Remember, it's your responsibility to get the order to the buyer safely. We recommend using a standard bubble mailer to mail the cards in.

Mark The Transaction Shipped

After you've packaged up the order and mailed it (include the packing slip!), use the actions menu on the transaction to mark it as shipped:

The buyer will get a notification that their order is on the way. After they receive it we'll transfer the payment for the order to your bank account.

For orders over $20, it's recommended using tracking when shipping the order. When you mark the order as shipped, you can enter the tracking information for the shipment. If there's no tracking, just leave the info blank.

Canceling An Order

Have an inventory problem? You can can cancel the transaction with the actions menu. The buyer will be refunded for that transaction. Keep in mind that if you cancel too many transactions, your seller account may be terminated. It's important to keep your inventory in sync with reality!

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