Listing cards for sale is easy on CardRocket. If you have a specific price in mind you can set an absolute price but if you want to "set it and forget it" you can also set your prices as a percent of the current market price.

Absolute Prices

When setting an absolute price, you determine which price you want to sell your card at and it never changes (until you specify the change, anyway). For example you want to sell a card for $14, no matter what the market price is, you can set an absolute price of $14. Remember you'll be responsible for changing the price when it fluctuates! When listing your card with an absolute price, you'll see a "$" next to the price box when listing in absolute mode:

Market Percentage

You can also price your cards automatically relative to CardRocket's market price. For example, if you want to sell a card for 90% of the market price no matter what that is, choose this option. You can set it at 90% then if the price goes up or down, you'll be assured that your sale price will move with it! When listing your card with a market percentage price, you'll see a "%" next to the price box:

You can switch between absolute and market mode by selecting the dropdown next to the price box. When you change the mode, the price box will automatically adjust based on the previous mode. In both cases, buyers will see whatever the end result of your pricing strategy is. For example if you select market percentage and enter 90% of a $10 card, they will see $9.

Note that if we don't have a market price for a card, you cannot list it for sale using Market Percentage.


We support a variety of card conditions on the platform.. Please see our condition guidelines for more information.

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