Have a card someone wants? It's easy to fulfill wants on CardRocket. Just head over to your Want Dashboard! From here, you can search for cards using the search box in the top left corner.

Find something you have that you want to sell? Just click the cart icon for the bid::

From the pop-up window, you can enter the quantity to sell and review the transaction before clicking "Fulfill Want" in the bottom left of the pop-up. This will add the card to your fulfillment cart.

Now you can use the Cart Icon in the header menu to navigate to your fulfillment cart in order to review your bid fulfillments and checkout. You can fulfill bids from multiple accounts at once!

Once you are happy, just use the Fulfill Wants button to submit the fulfillment!

Congratulations, you've just made a sale! The buyer is charged and when they confirm receipt of the cards, you'll get paid! See our shipping guidelines for information on shipping safely and quickly.

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