A basic seller account on CardRocket is the first step to becoming a seller. This type of account requires a minimal amount of information: basically only your address and bank account information (so that we can pay you for your sales).

A basic account has sales limits on it (enforced by our payment provider, Stripe). When these limits are met, your seller account can still accept sales, but you won't be able to do any transfers to your bank account. When this happens, on your seller profile, you will see a date that the information needs to be provided by. Failure to provide the data by this date can result in your charges being disabled as well (which means all your sales will become hidden).

If you are a low volume seller, you likely won't have to provide any additional information besides your address and bank information.

If you'd like to be fully verified right away, just follow the on screen prompts in your seller dashboard. Common information that will be required is:

 - Date of Birth
 - Last 4 of SSN (if you are a USA seller)
 - Tax ID (If you are outside the USA)

Stripe might also eventually require your full SSN be provided if you live in the USA if you sell enough volume. This is required in order to do tax reporting.

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